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Stay informed about your rights as a PGW residential customer. If you have questions relating to our billing, credit, dispute and shutoff practices, take a moment to download the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) customer guide. 


BUDGET PLAN – This plan is available to all residential customers who are not in arrears. It spreads your payments over a 12 month plan. You may start the Budget Plan at any time. To do so, or for more information, call 215-235-1000 or visit any of our Customer Service Centers.

CCF – 100 cubic feet of gas.

DEKATHERM (DTH) – A measure of the heat content value of gas. Gas usage is determined by multiplying the MCF used by the heat content value of the gas. One DTH equals approximately nine hundred seventy cubic feet.

MCF – 1,000 cubic feet of gas.

COMMODITY CHARGE – The charge for basic gas supply service which is sold either by Volume (ccf or mcf) or heating value (dekatherms).

CUSTOMER CHARGE – A monthly charge to cover NGDC costs such as maintaining the lines, meter reading and billing.

DISTRIBUTION CHARGES – The charge for delivery of natural gas from the city gate to the customer.

GAS COST ADJUSTMENT – Amount billed or credited each month to account for differences between projected and actual gas supply costs of the Natural Gas Distribution Company.

METER READING INFORMATION – PGW shall use its best effort to obtain an actual meter reading regularly and at least every six months for customers without automatic meter reading devices. When the meter is not read, we estimate your gas use. To avoid estimates, you may read your own meter and tell us the reading by calling 215-232-2244 at any time. We also offer stamped, pre-addressed post cards, which you can use to send us your meter reading by the specified date. To request a supply of these cards, call 215-235-1000, or write to us at P.O. Box 3500, Philadelphia, PA 19122.

MIGRATION RIDER – Applies to customers switching an alternative gas supplier or interruptible service. The rider credits or surcharges a customer's bill for costs that the company paid during the time that the customer bought gas from PGW but which have not yet been fully recovered from or paid back to customers.

NATURAL GAS DISTRIBUTION COMPANY – A state regulated natural gas utility which owns the gas lines and equipment necessary to deliver natural gas to the consumer.

PAYMENT AGREEMENT PLANS – If you are behind and cannot pay your full bill, PGW offers special payment plans. Call our Collection Department at 215-235-1777 or visit any of our Customer Service Centers.

STATE SALES TAX – An approximate amount of your bill that is used to pay taxes to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

WEATHER NORMALIZATION ADJUSTMENT (WNA) – An adjustment approved by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission as a way to help PGW stabilize its income and operate more efficiently within its budget during the heating season.