Turn Service On/Off

Service Turn On/Off

New to the area? Moving out? You can now turn your natural gas service on online. 



If you are setting up natural gas service at a location that has no meter know these steps.

To turn service off online, you must click the button below and log in to your account or sign up to be a My Account customer.



Before You Move …

Be sure to notify PGW at (215) 235-1000 at least seven days before the shutoff  or transfer to avoid unnecessary costs. You are responsible for gas used at the property until PGW can access your meter to shut it off.

A note for landlords: If you are requesting a gas shutoff for a tenant, download and submit a notarized Voluntary Discontinuance Form with the required signatures of all your tenants.

Request a Meter Reading

To request a meter reading from PGW call (215) 235-2244. Be sure to write down your meter number before giving us a call.