Assistance Programs & Grants


Helpability from PGW

Refer to these resources for additional information:

Federal Poverty Guidelines - outlines eligibility based on household size and income; renters and homeowners are eligible.

Neighborhood Energy Centers - provides low and moderate income families counseling and solutions through assistance, conservation, education and related services.

Protection from Abuse

BUDGET BILLING: No More Surprise Winter Heating Bills
If you are a residential customer in good standing who gets hit hard by higher gas bills in the winter, you have something in common with a number of Philadelphians. PGW offers Budget Billing, an assistance program that estimates your yearly gas usage and divides the total evenly over a 12-month period. This evens out your payments over the course of the year and helps you predict how much you should budget for your heating costs every month. Call (215) 235-1000 to get started.

Customer Assistance Referral Evaluation Program (CARES): 
PGW’s CARES program provides payment assistance to residential customers with special circumstances. These might include medical emergencies, unemployment or other temporary hardships. For more information or to find out if you qualify for CARES, contact PGW at (215) 235-1000.

Senior Citizen Discount
The Senior Citizen Discount is not currently open to new participants. Members who enrolled prior to September 1, 2003, can call PGW at (215) 235-1000 for assistance.