In response to COVID-19 we are taking precautionary actions to mitigate exposure and reduce the impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) on our customers and employees. We remain committed to providing safe and reliable service to our customers, and we are doing our part to protect the communities where we live and serve. We do not anticipate any service disruption to our customers at this time. Read More  Hide

Smell Gas? (215) 235-1212


Q: If I smell gas can I still call PGW?

A: Yes! PGW's 24-hour Emergency Hotline is available, if you smell natural gas or experience a gas-related emergency call: 215.235.1212 

Q: How do I pay my gas bill?

A: Pay your bill online at; pay cash at area retailers like 7-Eleven, CVS and Family Dollar, or pay by mail: PGW, P.O. Box 11700, Newark, NJ 07101-4700 or call the PGW Customer Call Center at 215.235.1000. PGW has closed all five PGW Customer Service Centers until further notice.

Q: Will my gas services be turned off if my financial situation prohibits me from paying?

A: No. PGW is suspending non-payment terminations and we plan to waive new late payment charges. This termination freeze will remain in place until further notice. However, please note that regular billing will continue so we are urging customers to visit to enroll in a PGW payment arrangement or program. It is also wise to conserve your energy use, as well. For tips, visit

Q: So, I don’t have to pay for my gas usage during the termination freeze?

A: PGW is not terminating service until further notice but we are continuing to bill our customers for their use.  Customers facing financial challenges can visit to enroll in a PGW payment arrangement or program to prevent termination once the freeze is removed. It is also wise to conserve energy use, as well. For tips, visit

Q: What if I’m unable to pay my bill during or after the termination freeze?

A: PGW has a variety of assistance programs in place for customers to assist with their natural gas bill. Options like ‘Payment Arrangements’ (for when customers fall behind, or are worried they might) or ‘Budget Billing’ (which sets up a consistent pay amount each month) can make all the difference.

Go to for details.

Q: What can I do to make sure my gas bill doesn’t become too high?

A: Conserve your energy use. Small changes like sealing up air leaks around windows and doors and setting your thermostat between 65 and 70 degrees can make a big difference. Learn more by visiting

Q: What in-person services is PGW still providing?

A: PGW is providing all essential service issues which includes all emergency response, all gas odor reports, all requests to turn on service, requests for financial assistance and calls for Parts & Labor Plan service repair

Q: Is PGW still doing infrastructure improvement work?

A: PGW will continue to conduct infrastructure work that is necessary to continue to deliver safe and reliable service during this health crisis. To view the status of PGW construction projects and replacement work in your area, visit:

Q: What are you doing to protect PGW employees?

A: The company has implemented the following actions, which will remain in place as we continue to closely monitor the pandemic: suspending all external meetings and external visitors to PGW facilities that are not operationally critical, restricting travel between PGW office locations - except for operationally critical activities, stopping all non-essential business-related travel and elevating the level of cleaning and disinfecting at all company facilities.

Customers that call PGW for a service order or other emergency where we need to enter your home or business: our Customer Service Representatives ask that you advise us about the health conditions at the address before we arrive.

  • Be aware that if you or anyone at your property are ill or believe they have been exposed to COVID-19 our field technician and/or crews will enter your home wearing additional protective gear, including respirators, face masks, protective suits and nitrile gloves. They are wearing this additional clothing to protect their health.
  • We must also request that you remain in a separate room while our technicians perform work or at minimum remain at least 6 feet or more away from PGW technicians while they are at your property.

For Media help call our media hotline - Phone: (267) 249-7542

Smell Gas? Call (215) 235-1212

Natural Gas smells bad on purpose

That “rotten egg” smell is the smell of natural gas. If you think you smell gas leave the area immediately, and then call PGW at 215-235-1212 from a safe location.

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Also if you smell gas:

  • Do not use electrical devices including cell phones which may cause a spark and ignite the gas.
  • Do not use an open flame, matches or lighters.
  • Do not try to locate the source of the gas leak.
  • Do not try to shut off any natural gas valves or gas appliances.
  • Do not start vehicles.
  • Do not re-enter the building or return to the area until a PGW employee or a qualified utility representative says it is safe to do so.
  • Do not put out the flames if natural gas ignites.